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Council and Government Sector Cleaning

It is immensely important to maintain a clean and sanitary office environment. The cleanliness of your office is part of your overall presentation to clients. The standard of professionalism, quality of service and a healthy safe environment for staff, is driven by office presentation and this means quality cleaning!

At Cleaning Wizard Australia, we recognise the important of a clean and professional looking workplace. We have been cleaning offices and government sector buildings for over 30 years. We realis that every office is different and will listen to your site specific needs.

  • We use non-toxic, safe and effective cleaning products.
  • We offer a large range of specialist cleaning services including carpet cleaning and window cleaning.
  • We tailor our services to our clients need and requirements so you only pay for the services that you need for your office.
  • We offer cleaning for all office types with daytime, weekend or after hours cleaning available depending on your preference.
  • Our Operations Manager’s conduct site inspections and compile regulatory compliance reporting.
  • We request client site reports to confirm standard of quality and professionalism expected by the client is exceeded.
  • All cleaners have been inducted through an online system, trained on site and police checked.

All our cleaners understand HSE and quality service requirements.