floor service

Increase your durability and cleanliness with an immaculate floor. With over 30 years hard floor maintenance experience, Cleaning Wizard is the first choice for floor stripping, sealing and maintenance.

Maintaining vinyl floor surfaces is critical in the life expansion of the product, durability of the floor and presentation and cleanliness of the surface.

Cleaning Wizard has specialised in Hard Floor Maintenance for over 30 years, servicing Australia’s largest retail chains and delivering the highest of expectations to Australia’s largest retail chains and outlets. To date Cleaning Wizard has stripped and sealed over 30,000 vinyl and concrete floors across Australia.

Stripping and Sealing is a specialized service and only the right eye for detail, experience, chemicals, equipment and knowledge can produce the ultimate results from the flooring.  It is also important to note that a regular maintenance schedule is required to maintain polished floors.

Cleaning Wizard’s floor services and maintenance include:

  • Stripping and sealing of vinyl floors
  • Cutback and polishing
  • Buffing
  • Concrete sealing and maintenance
  • Ceramic surfaces