The Cleaning Wizard Australia Pty Ltd has as it’s core business goal to achieve a healthy and safe working environment through a robust Work Health and Safety Management System. We have established strategic health and safety objectives:

  1. Prevent health and safety impacts from our work.
  2. We realise that no work task is so important that the risk of injury to our people is acceptable.
  3. That our effective WHS management will translate into superior operational and commercial performance.

Cleaning Wizard Australia recognises our responsibility for the safety and welfare of our people. We are committed to delivering and achieving these objectives. It is important that as a team, we understand our mutual obligations and responsibilities. This means that we make the commitment to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace and working conditions for our fellow employees and customers.
  • We will provide support and assistance to all of our employees.
  • We will provide ongoing training to ensure that our team can work safely.
  • We will assume personal responsibility for our own safety and our work colleagues by always operating in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • We will consult with our staff so that we can take steps to continually improve the effectiveness of our management systems and procedures.
  • We shall comply with all relevant WHS legislation and regulations as well as jurisdictional Codes of Practice and Guidance on specific work activities.